Raw ham by “Attilio Fontana” and bread crust
€ 17

* Sweet and sour sardines, dryed onion with green apple and whipped salt cod fish with coffee flavoured polenta chips
€ 19,5

* Battuta of Piedmontese beef in classic dressing and quail egg
€ 19,5

* Tuna tartar with wasbi, San Erasmo honey and Sperlano caviar
€ 22

Dayly mix of raw and marinated fish and seafood
€ 36

Octopus paprika, mashed potato, roasted pepper sauce and almond milk
€ 21

Scampi with lard, leek cream, herbal jelly and puffed amaranth
€ 22

Foje gras on a coppered onion from Sermide and bread with thime
€ 24

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